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Case for Change / Business Case Development Toolkit

For our next generation of products, we are launching a full suite of Programme Management and Modelling tools which will enable programme managers to:
  • Exploit proven methodologies
  • Execute and control programmes without the need for heavyweight tools or repetitive slide production
  • Drive detailed programme outcome forecasts based on our observation that programmes generally follow a finite number of scenarios to predictable outcomes.
Our Case for Change / Business Case Development Toolkit is the first module in this platform. It guides management through a structured process to create the Case for Change:
  • Implements a "Value Discovery" methodology through a series of on-line forms
  • The forms are designed to take the user through a structured thought process, collecting data as it goes
  • Forms can be filled in in any order, e.g. when more information or estimates are available, building the case over time
  • Forms can be ignored depending on the level of quality required
  • Graphical output is product to help guide the user (e.g. which opportunities should be explored; which bundle of initiatives creates the greatest value)
  • The tool can produce a draft business case document (including suggestions for improvements) that can then be imported into Office documents for further refinement.

Implements a proven "Value Discovery" methodology

Online forms provide a flexible approach
to building the case for change

Forms enable users to:
  • Quantify the problem: Investigate corporate goals, trends, pain-points and the consequence of inaction
  • Size the prize: Explore opportunities for improvement, engage stakeholders and agree on new organisational capabilities and potential benefits
  • Develop the roadmap: Design initiatives, estimate costs and time scales, specify tangible and intangible benefits and shape the optimal programme.

Reports help users to prioritise opportunities, visualise potential programme NPV and export final reports for word processing:

Opportunity prioritisation

Value / NPV visualisation

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